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Remedies For Writing Problems

Building a bridge between teachers and external healthcare professionals.

My name is Pleun Kokken. As a pediatric physiotherapist I guide children with writing problems, where I often come into contact with teachers and other healthcare professionals. For the optimal guidance of a child it is important that there is good cooperation with the child itself, the parents, teacher (s) and any other care professionals of the child.

I often received questions from teachers about solving writing problems. I started my quest for how we could join forces so that teachers get more tools to help students. Tools that could be used before an external professional starts with the guidance. The structured offering of solutions for writing problems became my mission. Not much later, Remedies For Writing Problems was born!

I made the solutions for all writing problems visually through photos and with short accompanying texts bundled in this practical book, which makes it very accessible. I am also in favor of short, clear instructions that I can access when needed. I also remember everything faster with a visual instruction. My personal preference for this is fully reflected in Remedies For Writing Problems.

Do you want to help your students overcome their writing problems with simple, clear solutions? ? Then click on the order page and get your Remedies For Writing Problems! For optimal results, in addition to Remedies For Writing Problems, work with the fine motor exercise box 'Priegelen met Pleun', which is referred to in the book for a number of solutions.

Good luck!

Kind regards, Pleun Kokken